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Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund ( “Gift Fund”) is the nation’s # 1 grantmaker between programs1 donor-advised funds and is the sixth largest public charity2. When you build with Dana Gift Giving Account, you establish a donor-advised fund. Program donor advised fund The Gift Fund allows donors to combine the most favorable tax benefits with the flexibility to support their favorite charities at any time.3


As Gift Fund is a public charity, the donor may be eligible for tax deduction4 directly for their charitable contributions. In addition, the donor can maintain the flexibility to make grant recommendations from the Account Providing immediately or in the future, for any public charity3-kualifikasi.pemberian IRS also recommends educating donors about how their contributions are allocated between 1 (one) or a combination of 11 ( eleven) investment pool, which offers a variety of purposes for charitable contributions of donors, from the preservation of principal on long-term capital growth.

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fact Sheet 
FEATURES The Gift Fund provides:

  • Potential for an immediate tax deduction4 for your irrevocable contribution of $5,000 or more in cash equivalents or securities
  • Flexibility to recommend grants on your own timetable to any IRS-qualified public charity, subject to minimum grant activity guidelines
  • Consolidated recordkeeping and tax reporting including quarterly and annual statements, confirmations of contributions and grants, and IRS Form 8283 preparation for contributions of publicly traded securities
  • Choice of professional investment management for Giving Accounts providing the opportunity to benefit from the investment management expertise of Strategic Advisers, Inc., a Fidelity Investments® company5, or, to nominate an independent investment advisor6 to provide discretionary management for Giving Account balances
  • Expansive investment pool options providing Strategic Advisers access to approximately 2,000 Fidelity and non-Fidelity mutual funds for Gift Fund pool composition
  • A cost-effective alternative to a private foundation with no start-up costs, no compliance responsibilities, more beneficial tax treatment, and ease of administration
  • Multiple Giving Account successor options including Individuals, Charitable Organizations, and the Gift Fund’s Endowed Giving Program
  • Expertise in facilitating contributions of complex securities such as certain privately held7 and restricted stock, including securities held by control persons and stock subject to a lock-up agreement
  • Online Giving Account access for donors including the ability to view Giving Account history, make contributions to the Gift Fund, and recommend grants and investment pool exchanges
  • Years of experience meeting the needs of donors through up and down markets.

DONOR CONTRIBUTIONS (from Gift Fund inception in 1991 through June 30, 2007)

Total contributions  More than $9.8 billion Number of donors More than 45,000

CHARITABLE GRANTS (from Gift Fund inception in 1991 through June 30, 2007)

Total grants  More than $7.0 billion Number of charities receiving grants More than 111,000 Grants may be recommended to any public charity in the United States recognized under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

ASSETS AS OF June 30, 2007 Total Gift Fund assets More than $4.5 billion


Minimum8 initial contribution: For individuals $5,000 For companies $100,000

Minimum additional contribution: For individuals $1,000 For companies $5,000

Minimum grant: $100



mostly donor may be eligible for a tax deduction in the year in which their contributions to the Fund Prize created.

  • Donations of cash equivalents may be deductible up to 50% of adjusted gross income
  • Donors who contribute long-term appreciated securities may be eligible to take an immediate tax deduction for the fair market value of the securities, up to 30% of adjusted gross income with no capital gains taxes on the unrealized appreciation
  • Donors who contribute short-term appreciated securities may be eligible to take a tax deduction usually equal to the lesser of cost basis or fair market value
  • Deductions for gifts in excess of the adjusted gross income limitations may be carried forward and deducted in later years (subject to limitations)
  • No estate taxes are levied, as contributions are irrevocable, and, once contributed, are no longer part of the donor’s estate


  • Online Giving Account management for individual donors, including grant recommendations, investment pool exchange recommendations, Giving Account establishment and contributions
  • Donor education tools and information
  • Links to nonprofit resources on the Web
  • Step-by-step guidelines for developing a customized giving plan


Asset Allocation Pools

  • Legacy Giving Pool 10
  • Lifetime Giving Pool 10
  • Preservation Giving Pool 10

Individual Investment Pools

  • International Pool 10
  • Growth Pool
  • All-Cap Equity Pool 10
  • Equity-Income Pool
  • Interest-Income II Pool 10
  • Interest-Income Pool
  • Total Market Index Pool
  • Money Market Pool


Giving each individual group accounts rated minimum annual administration fee of 0.60% per cent of the Assets to Accounts or $ 100, whichever is greater.11 every company rated Account Granting an annual administration fee of 0.60% per cent Giving Account assets or $ 1,000, whichever the greater one. Giving Account with assets exceeding $ 500,000 are eligible for a further reduction of administrative costs. investment management fee is an average of the weighted expense ratios of the underlying mutual funds held in the pool. There is no selling expenses charged to the Fund Prize.

Below, we have provided a chart depicting the Gift Fund tiered fee schedule. A separate flat Schedule Fee – which provides for a further reduction in costs – provided for Giving Account balance exceeds $ 5,000,000. Call Dana Gift for further information.

Provide administrative costs Individual Account Balances Below $ 5,000,000


PooledIncome Fund: A flexible charity program that can generate beneficial tax benefits for donors and generate a lifetime income stream for as many as two beneficiaries.

Working with Counsel: Gift Advisors Gift FundSM works with tax and estate planning professionals as well as brokers and their clients to provide solutions and charitable resources. You can visit for information.


The Rewards Fund is governed by an independent Supervisory Board. Gift Fund officials include David L. Giunta, president, Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund.


Contact the Fidelity Charity Prize Fund at 1-800-682-4438, or visit our website at

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