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Fidelity Investments is an online trading brokerage firms and the best choice, offering an IRA, mutual funds, retirement planning, ETFs, and more to help fulfill your life purpose goals.

Company History

The company name was established as Fidelity Management & Research (FMR) by Edward C. Johnson II, precisely in 1946. In 1969, the company was formed Fidelity International Limited (FIL) to serve non-American. market. Swiveling in 1980. In 2010, its name was changed to “Fidelity” Worldwide Investment. In 1982, the company began offering a 401 (k) product. In 1984, the company offers a computerized stock trading product.

precisely In 1997, Robert Pozen named CEO. In 2010, Fidelity Ventures, its venture capital, was closed and many employees were created Volition Capital. In 2011 then, Fidelity changed the name of the international division of Fidelity International became Fidelity Worldwide Investment, and finally a new logo was introduced. In 2012, then the company moved headquarters to 245 Summer Street Boston.

Fidelity Investments
Current Operation

Mutual Fund

FMR has three fund divisions: Equity (Massachusetts, headquartered in Boston), Fixed-Income (headquartered in Merrimack, New Hampshire) and High-Income (headquartered in Boston). The equity fund is Fidelity Contrafund largest company, which had $ 107.4 billion of assets, making it the largest non-indexed funds in the US. The current manager is William Danoff Contrafund.

Fidelity Magellan mutual fund shares is another huge, with $ 15.5 billion in assets. The current manager is Jeffrey Feingold, who also manages the Fidelity Trend Fund. It was previously managed by Ned Johnson on May 2, 1963 until December 31, 1971 and Peter Lynch on May 31, 1977 through May 31, 1990.


Fidelity Investments operates a large brokerage firms and has investor centers in more than 140 locations throughout the United States. Through its subsidiary, National Financial Services LLC, Fidelity Investments provides services for correspondent broker-dealers, institutional investment firm and registered investment advisors including the clearing broker and back office support and software product suite for financial services companies. National Treasury is the custodian for more than $ 443.000.000.000 assets, in 4.3 million accounts as of September 30, 2010.

The benefits of outsourcing

Fidelity Personal, Workplace and Institutional Services (PWIS) is the largest provider of 401 (k) retirement plan services with $ 1.4 billion under administration and $ 32 million in total defined contribution assets, in 2015. The Company provides other Services provided including pension administration, health & welfare administration, administration of inventory and payroll plans and other record services.

Devonshire Investors

Devonshire Arms Investor company is a division of the company that gives the owner the ability to make other investments outside the fund. It was previously invested in timber and commercial building materials. In 2013, they sold Boston Coach, a limousine and black-car service, founded in 1985 by Ned Johnson after waiting too long for a taxi, to Harrison Global. ProBuild Holdings was formed in 2006 and sold it to Builders FirstSource in 2015.

Donor-advised fund

Fidelity manages a donor-advised fund, Fidelity Charitable, in 1991, becoming the first commercial DAF provider. In the year two thousand and seventeen, Fidelity Charitable is currently the largest charitable donation of the community, more than the United Way. Tax donations to a DAF can be registered in the year of the donation, when the beneficiary may be being chosen. In a 2015 survey by Fidelity Charitable, 90% of donors who responded stated this benefit as the main reason for starting donations using a DAF. Donors also cite that this allows them to give more to charity.

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