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Managing your business is about to get a whole lot easier.

Productivity, ease of use, and integration — these are the technology challenges that, on a daily basis, may signifi cantly impact your ability to grow and manage your business. you try to imagine the number of productivity advantages you will realize if you no longer have to rekey all client data in your application, or if you can scale your technology investments without having to add more people or managing software or servers. Now you do not need to imagine: your platform here today.

WealthCentral Fidelity is 100 percent Web-based, that is specifically designed to help prisoners make it easier for you to conduct business activities and change the way you manage your practice.

Fidelity WealthCentral starts off with our robust trading, account administration, and rebalancing capabilities. It could then combine these core features with third-party management, market-leading customer relationship (CRM), financial planning and portfolio management applications to create Web-based fully integrated platform can also be accessed from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Among its many features, WealthCentral® can help streamline your operations by eliminating the need to rekey client data from one application to another. As a total Web-based offering, it makes software installation and upgrades a thing of the past, and allows you to access your client data wherever and virtually whenever you need it.1 By providing a client-centric view of your accounts, WealthCentral creates more intuitive workfl ows and interfaces, adhering more to how advisors generally view client relationships. And through collaborative support with our third-party vendors, problems are more effi ciently resolved.

you imagine Wherever you plan to take your business, our company can work with you to evaluate your needs and help you implement the platform is built to meet your goals. When your practice needs to be supported by a great platform to realize your goals, WealthCentral is designed to deliver the performance you’ve been waiting for.

The basis of your success: proven core capabilities

WealthCentral utilize Fidelity Investments (Fidelity) most advanced technology to directly connect you to a wealth office systems, information, and resources.

Fidelity WealthCentral
WealthCentral’s straight-through processing can help improve productivity with an interface capable of managing thousands of accounts across hundreds of customers.

WealthCentral’s Web-based trading capabilities allow for account and trade management virtually anytime, anywhere. And through its dynamic Order Central dashboard, you are able to view and manage orders and allocations for all accounts, all from one location.

Our experience In addition programs, straight through processing to help improve productivity with an interface capable of managing thousands of accounts at hundreds of customers. It also features streamlined workfl ows for ease of movement between accounts and account holdings.

Our trade order service interface provides one-click access to order execution information – facilitating command block, allocation, exchange, and securing cross-reference. You will also be able to perform Trailing Stops and algorithmic strategies. Additionally the service, a dynamic message with warning features keep you updated as the order is processed.

Other trading advantages include:

  • Alert traders to such unintended consequences as fee charges or violations by incorporating warnings into order entry workfl ows.
  • Ensure that intraday account activity (executed trades, open orders, money movement, etc.) is accounted for in the order entry process
  • Provide interfaces with third-party order management systems
  • Trade mutual funds, equities, options, ETFs, and fi xed income instruments
  • Place individual account orders, group orders, block orders, allocations, and tradeaways
  • Add special conditions to orders, like trailing stops
  • Rebalance single securities using the Security Cross Reference tool.
  • Set user-defi ned trade restrictions to prevent unintended creation of orders
  • Trade domestic and international equities

Account servicing

Fidelity WealthCentral

WealthCentral automates a multitude of routine procedures — giving you more time to spend with your clients. Here are some of the tasks you’ll be able to complete online:

  • Open accounts, initiate transfers, and monitor the entire transfer-of-assets process
  • Submit and track cashiering requests with ease and effi ciency, including fi rst- and third-party bankwire, check disbursements, electronic funds transfers (EFTs), and journals
  • Create, view, and manage service requests all online, in a real-time environment, allowing you to respond quickly to client inquiries
  • Set up electronic alerts for new account information, trading activity, and movements of assets

Open, integrated platform

We understand that every advisor has unique needs. That’s why we built WealthCentral on a fl exible platform that puts you in control of which tools and capabilities you use.

With some of the most advanced data and workfl ow integrations in the industry — particularly with select third-party market-leading CRM, portfolio management, and fi nancial planning applications — we’re confi dent that WealthCentral can help your business scale effectively, and affordably, since we offer these third-party applications at price points not typically available to advisors. And because WealthCentral is built on a true open platform, the breadth of integrated offerings will only continue to grow.

Key integration features

  • Fidelity and third-party market-leading capabilities
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Comprehensive client view
  • Total Web-based platform
  • Collaborative support

Portfolio modeling and rebalancing

Fidelity offers highly integrated portfolio modeling and rebalancing capabilities to help you streamline investment management in the following ways:

  • Rebalance one account, a group of accounts, or thousands — using real-time prices — then send orders straight to market
  • Apply security restrictions and equivalencies to individualize your investment strategies
  • Construct composite models to manage multiple investment strategies composed of equities, fi xed income, mutual funds, ETFs, and more
  • Use automated drift reporting to alert yourself of accounts that are out of tolerance
  • Rebalance not just Fidelity accounts, but your entire multicustodian book, including held-away accounts supplied automatically from available WealthCentral Portfolio Management providers

Fidelity WealthCentral supports integrated order management with a wide range of third-party marketleading modeling and rebalancing technologies, enabling you to reduce the time and complexity associated with managing multiple investment strategies in a scalable manner.

Flexible customer relationship management to help you manage your practice

Fidelity WealthCentral CRM is designed to help you easily access CRM integrated technologies that best support your business – to help deepen client relationships, expanding referral sources, improve retention, and drive leads through a structured orientation process. The victim WealthCentral CRM can help you manage your relationships and your business more efficient by streamlining data flow and eliminate duplicate data sources throughout your workout. Some additional key features including:

  • Single sign-on from WealthCentral to the CRM technology
  • One-click weblinks to facilitate contextual access from CRM contacts to real-time positions, balances, and statements on WealthCentral
  • Automated forms prefi ll for new accounts based upon CRM contact information
  • Nightly updating of contact and account data
  • Customized user experience with confi gurable data fi elds, reports, and workfl ows designed for advisors
  • Prebuilt workfl ows to automate processes such as new client onboarding and preparing for client reviews
  • Integration with offi ce suites such as Microsoft Offi ce to support mail merges and data extracts
  • Synchronization of appointments, tasks, and contacts with leading e-mail systems

In addition, Fidelity WealthCentral supplies nightly updates of account information to a wide range of third-party market-leading CRM providers, providing you the choice and fl exibility only a true open platform can.

End to end portfolio management: continuous improvement process

By leveraging leading portfolio reporting / reporting systems in leading markets, along with trading and rebalancing tools available within the WealthCentral Fidelity platform, you can count on WealthCentral Portfolio Management to help meet your clients’ financial goals.

WealthCentral help you establish processes to achieve these goals in several ways:

  • Streamline New Account Settings – after the use of the tool’s application WealthCentral electronic account, the new account information, including financing and transfer of assets will automatically flow into the portfolio management systems.
  • Implementing the Strategy. Groups & clients are tracked in portfolio management systems that can be used in WealthCentral Fidelity trading and weighing tools, providing an efficient way to transact on behalf of clients.
  • Monitor and Update – leverage research and reporting to help determine in accordance with the client’s goals, with access to trading and rebalancing to make adjustments if necessary.
  • Reporting – improve your ability to make decisions and communicate with your clients through a variety of management options, operational, and client reporting in WealthCentral and integrated third-party systems.

With WealthCentral Portfolio Management, you can enjoy fully reconciled data, regardless of where your client’s assets are held.


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