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About PSW service requests

Service requests provide a secure, electronic link to Fidelity for problem resolution, inquires and special processing items.

In PSW you can choose to create general service requests or specific service requests.

  • Selecting a specific service request type helps expedite item resolution for booth you and your impacted employees.
  • Specific requeests are designed to ask you from the information needed to help reduce NIGOs and ensure accurate and timely resolution.

Specific service requests types and descriptions for the categories shown

  • Certain requests types offer PSW templates (far right column) that allow you to enter all necessary information before submitting to Fidelity
  • The requests types are organized by plan type and can be printed for your reference.

Guide to specific service in Fidelity PSW
Guide to specific service in Fidelity PSW
Modifications improve the site, which includes a detailed management of data, extensive reporting capabilities, investment performance information, links online support services and administrative processes. In addition, increased WebStation integrate the management and recording for each plan Fidelity-serviced on a single platform, providing links to control through a single point of access, according to a news release.

Among the improvements is the new “Training and Support” area, including a reference guide for the Web sites and functions, online workshops on management tools, and alerts regarding upcoming platform devices.

Also, Fidelity adds enhancements to the stock plan report allows plan sponsors to better analyze the statistics themselves their employee stock plan participants and trends. Now, in addition to the monthly report, plan sponsors can now retrieve and sort information based employee stock plans 150 data points in five categories:

  • participant
  • Options / Restricted Stock Grants Award
  • Option / Transaction Restricted Stock Award,
  • Stock Purchase Plan Enrollment / Contributions
  • Purchase Shares Share Purchase Plan.

All this comes in addition to the new site features that offer participants information consolidation and centralized access to reporting.

Guide to specific service in Fidelity PSW Library
In the library, you can find information about:

Managing Plans

Administer your plan with helpful best practices, fiduciary support, and policy updates


Record retention – what you should keep and for how long

Both the IRS and DOL have rules that provide some basic guidance on record retention.

As a plan sponsor, have you ever wondered how long you have to hold a certain plan records? Unfortunately, there is no universal answer, and as with many questions related to employee benefit plans, the response may be “it depends.” That said, both the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Department of Labor (DOL) has rules which provide some basic guidelines for records retention.

Designing Benefits

organizational objectives with market insights, strategies, research for the design plan


Design for revenue

A framework to help you build a stronger plan.

When building a house, have a framework to guide you is vital to success. It’s no different than designing a defined contribution program. In both cases, your plan should detail the results you are looking for – and how do you hope to achieve it.

Engaging Employees

Uncover ways to help employees make informed decisions and take actions that are best for them


Helping your employees save more

Saving 1% more can turn small steps into big strides when it comes to retirement savings.

When you come to saving for retirement, many underestimate the difference store 1% can be made. Power of compounding interest and growth potential of the market means that 1% today can be worth much more to come retirement. Is a 1% increase is proactive on the part of employees or automatically through design your plan, it is important to help the workers, especially the youngest, see the benefits of this savings strategy. Infographic below to help bring this concept to life and we encourage you to share with your employees.

Exploring Innovations

Discover the latest products and enhancements from Fidelity


Developing and delivering experiences to help drive better outcomes

Learn about the latest innovations and enhancements we’re bringing to employers and employees.

Innovation starts with taking the time to observe and understand the behavior, and then design experience that can help lead to better results. We apply an intense rigor throughout the process to help meet our standards provide impact results for organizations like yours. Through this contact media sites, you can learn about the latest innovations and enhancements we bring to you and your employees.

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